Nov. 12: Reimbursement available for seasonal flu shot


A number of faculty and staff are reporting that their primary care physicians are not providing seasonal flu vaccinations. As a result, the University has approved an exception to its medical plans for this year to reimburse medical plan participants for seasonal flu vaccinations received by SU employees and their plan-covered dependent before Jan. 31, 2010, at a location other than a physician’s office (i.e., at a pharmacy or clinic).


The employee will be reimbursed at the in-network negotiated rate as if the employee or plan-covered dependent had received the shot at a doctor’s office. All three of SU’s medical plans will reimburse covered employees and plan-covered dependents for seasonal flu vaccinations provided by clinics and pharmacies.


This exception applies only to seasonal flu vaccinations and does not pertain to H1N1 flu vaccinations administered outside of a physician’s office.


Any medical plan member (both employee and plan-covered dependent) who has already paid for a vaccination out-of-pocket on or before Jan. 31, 2010, can submit for reimbursement to POMCO.


In order to receive a seasonal flu shot reimbursement:


• Complete the POMCO reimbursement form, available online at, or by calling POMCO at 877-461-7844.


• Submit this form with proof of services performed prior to Jan. 31, 2010, and payment (an itemized receipt that can be used for insurance billing purposes) to POMCO at:

PO BOX 6329
Syracuse, NY 13217



- Human Resources Service Center
- Skytop Office Building
- Phone: 315-443-4042